Mother’s Day Presents and Cakes

We had an enjoyable Mother’s Day with the family this year, with plenty of bunches of flowers, pretty jewellery (I got these bangles) and not least these  lovely Mother’s Day cupcakes made by one of my sisters, which promptly got photographed by several people, and then swallowed.

My sister also managed to get bombarded with presents from her children, who mysteriously managed to pick out and buy gifts she liked with their kiddy-credit cards (they must have an mummy’s section at their local Toys ‘R’ Us) and even my sister-in-law managed to get a few bunches of flowers and gifts (like a really cute, quirky flower plant in a tea-cup) from her five-weeks old newborn. Kids these days, amazing.

While it was a quite affair at home (and aren’t they the best ones, anyway?) we made up for it with plenty of noise and good food. My Dad skulked around a little wondering what was happening though (or maybe he just wanted flowers too, I have no idea), and my mum was beaming at her kids with love (and her grandkids with even more love, because let’s face it, they get all the fun), and generally, it was a good Sunday. Even if we did have to go work the next day : )








bungle (3)

bungle (2)




2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Presents and Cakes

  1. Gorgeous bangles! I want those! And I love the rose in a teacup! Am going to show these pics to my hubby as I didn’t get anything! Not entirely his fault. My mum is dead set against Mother’s Day and we live with her so not a flower in sight!

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