The Pink, Green and Blue Party

My niece had a party a couple of weeks ago to celebrate the first time she finished reading her Quran, which of course, we did in true style with colour co-ordinated food and decor (the sweet bar, of course was our main eye candy!), complete with numerous children, plenty of chittering (the children), and a broken snooker table (the children again, well, the boys anyway). While my eldest sister made the scrumptious food, and another sister provided beautiful treats of cakes and cupcakes, I erm…made a balloon arch.

Here’s how to make a balloon arch if you ever want to try it for yourself (although the balloons we used didn’t have any helium so ended up being an up-side down balloon arch, despite a lot of sellotape):

1. Blow up balloons, and cut the length of wire you need – I used garden wire. Tie each end to something sturdy so it won’t move.
2. Tie two or three balloons together at the ends (I tied to because it was easier), then the doubled balloons using string, and tie onto the wire.
3. Continue fastening the rest of the doubled (or tripled) bunches onto the wire, and make sure to leave space between them so they don’t get too bunched up. It’s also up to you how you want the colour arrangements.
4. Secure each end of the finished arch onto where you want it (in our case the ends of the bookcase, but you can stick it again a wall in a traditional arch, or even over a doorway) and stick down using sellotape/bluetack/staple-guns/toffee.


The party was great fun, of course, and our biggest success was the pretty rainbow fruit skewers kebabs my sister made which got eaten up very quickly (We did worry that the kids might poke themselves with the wooden skewers, but worry not, they’re sharper than we gave them credit for).  I can’t say the same for my sister’s Malteser/Chocolate Fingers which got abused throughout the party (some little fingers took some random maltesers and fingers, but left the cake), but the cake got eaten at the end too. Little Lady, Hostess of the party, had her own party by the end of it, locked in her room playing Truth or Dare and I don’t know what else with her own little circle of friends (we could hear how much fun they had every time they ran up and down the stairs!). At the end of the night, we were all very, very full, the cupcakes had been demolished, every room in the house had been trashed and the children all went home and presumably had a very good sleep that night.
And that’s how we party : )










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