London Rushing at Night…

…is quite a different story to the hustle and bustle of the day time. It’s still busy, and it’s still full of perpetual movement, but it’s a new kind, a graceful kind of  movement. The slow walkers, the young citizens, the businessmen have all gone home to dinner and the delights of  on-screen entertainment, and those who are left are the curious walkers, the lively thrill seekers, the late shoppers. Here are the ones who want to explore the city in its neon glow of city lights, electronic billboards and glaring mobile phone screens. The young pixie students come out to play, the hungry seek out hidden away restaurants and eateries which lure them in with promising smells and twinkling, luxurious decor, and the sight-seekers wander around languidly, peacefully, drinking in the famous buildings while the inviting shops offering trinkets.

We are all like busy ants, all following our own streets to make our own way, cleverly interweaving to walk around others, not faltering, but rather slowing down to side-step and glance sweepingly, laugh with your fellow walker, and point a camera or two, tap an Oyster card, that magical ticket to the doors of anywhere.

A skip, a hop, a trip away.

Or rather, in London, a bus, a train and a river away.


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