Weekly Chicken Churches Links

It’s been a busy weekend, but not too busy to look for links! Enjoy these golden nuggets (even if most of them are fool’s gold!)

Great tricks to try on Google (I’m pretty sure you’ll try out at least one of them even if you say you won’t – I tried them all twice cos I liked them so much)

The silent language of hands -beautiful photography (and some famous images!) which have amazing meanings, well worth a look.

More cake-crazies – some seriously funky cake artwork here!

Poor cats, innocent bystanders in a real ‘whoops!’ moment.

Nail Olympics, yuck. They look like weird puppets stuck to fingers :/

Churches that look like chickens. Imagine what you’d type in Google to get that. I don’t even know if these are real.

Some very non-romantic Valentine Day promotions – ‘Name your roach’ is the worst in my opinion. Costs only $10 and doesn’t care whether you buy it heart-shaped chocolates. Yuck.

Happy weekend, all : )



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