Books to Look Out For #5: Twilight, the Manga Series

Yup, it had to be done, first there was the book, the film, the fan-fics and the re-caps (this one will always be my favourite), and now comes the inevitable Manga series of the constipated love-struck famous vampire-human couple to hit us in this decade. To be fair, I used to read a lot of graphic novels as a teenager (still read random ones here and there!) and it’s easy to see the appeal of reading Twilight as a graphic novel than a conventional novel.

20130208_123528(That’s two books put together from a whole series of volumes of the novel)

There’s been some criticism of the novel already, but the book has already made major sales in its first week, and to give the artist (Young Kim) credit, the art-work looks quite good. Certainly they’ve captured Edward’s pastiness quite well, and Jacob’s wolf-iness. Now I’m just waiting for a manga version of Where’s Wally and 50 Shades of Grey, and the literary world is complete.


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