Weekly Chocolate Squid Links

It’s that time of the week, snuggling up with a book time (translation: sit down, forget to get some food, get up, tidy the room while you’re up, sit down again, get up and look for your book, get interrupted by some children, go to the bathroom, sit down again, forget your book again, give up and watch tv.) Enjoy these links!

An interesting article about harassment on the street.

Social media and Superheros, why they’re probably not the best mix.

Tips on how to be a good blogger, which has some very useful information for anyone looking to start blogging, or improve their skills.

One of my posts about hijab has been re-posted in Aaila Magazine, yay me! Here it is again in case you missed it the first time around.

If celebrities were birds, here’s how some of them would look. I’d put half of them in a birdcage and put a cloth over it.

The Invisible man in plain sight, seriously good hiding skills there.

Some of the weirdest chocolate-covered things. I don’t even know who thinks of these things and what made them discover it as edible. Bleugh, chocolate squid.

Something to try out for your Facebook cover page. I liked it anyways.

That’s all for now, in the meantime, how cool is this cake! Who needs tiered-cakes when there’s messy Sleeping Beauty style ones to bring back your Disney childhood memories!



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