Star Wars: The Disney-Star Wars Memes Part II

After the first series of Star Wars-Disney mashups and mockery of the news that Disney has bought out the Star Wars franchise, the memes are still going, and I’m loving how artistic some of the images are. So here’s a few more to enjoy, and maybe some to help you decide whether you’re Team StarWars or Team Disney. Or just Team Meme. (I also love this series of Lego Star Wars campaign, which was cute!)








s1 s2
s4d6Images taken from here, here, here, there, here and here

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Disney-Star Wars Memes Part II

  1. dougas2

    Except the spiderman one is inaccurate since Sony owns the right to Spiderman. Yes, yes, I know you’re going to say that Spiderman is a Marvel comic and Disney bought Marvel. However, they didn’t get the rights to Spiderman.

    1. fnmpey

      I was going to say something similar however you’re not quite accurate in your statement. Sony owns the movie/ film rights to spiderman not the actual rights, which means that if Disney/ Marvel wants to make a movie with spiderman in it they have to get Sony to sign off on it, however if Disney/Marvel wants to make a comic involving spiderman then they don’t need sony’s permission.

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