Weekly Men-in-Skirts Links

It’s an exciting weekend this week, it’s been snowing non-stop and better still, there’ll be plenty o’ train disruptions tomorrow! So snuggle in with these links.

Always trust your instinct. Heeheehee. Also, this one made me laugh too.

Some tips for online-daters. I’d like to add another tip to the list: Don’t let your husband know you’ve joined the site, worse, let him join and troll using your account :/

Football goals are always celebrated by the footballers in weird ways. This Youtuber took advantages of their moves and made them more interesting.

I just don’t even know what to say about this one, except I hope any Highlanders reading don’t take offence. Thoughts on androgynous dressing. I did like the ‘Slutty Pirate Steals A Hospital Gown And Attempts Surgery’ look though.

Gameboy street art. We need one of these in my street (it’d only get stolen for scrap metal, but still, it’d be fun while we had it.)

I was never a big fan of My Little Pony as a girl (I was a Barbie girl, shame on me, I know), but if the Ponies had been more like these, I would’ve been a bigger fan.

No idea if these are real. Strange but very cute.

I’ve got to has me one of these. All I need now is a giant pencil to loop the tape back in too!

Meantimes, I’m gonna go watch people fall over in the snow and laugh in the warm safety of my radiator-toasty-warm living room. Enjoy the slushy times!


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