Weekly Dork Side Links

It’s the first weekend of the year! Although we’re still in holiday mode (a week off from work and nobody remembers how to function when they come back and spends a few days in a daze.) Clutch on to the last of the weekend with these funky links.

Here’s something interesting, twelve books for the twelve days of Christmas. I know, xmas season is done and dusted, but it’s worth a look at these books.

An article about New Year resolutions. She didn’t get thin, and neither did I.

A shoes made of pots, pans and pan-lids. Gotta love the creative mind. Check out the artist’s other work too, there’s some really interesting stuff.

Fruit animals. Cos they’re just so darn cute. MORE I say.

This is a bit mind-bending, but I love it. Fireworks in reverse!

Life’s comic supervillains – I really don’t remember Batman battling with Old Age villain when I was younger, and thank god. Apparently, life will suck in the future. Nobody understands!

May the geekiness be with you.


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