Weekly Xmas Tv Links

It’s that wonderful time of the years again…time to watch all the scheduled Chrissmuss tv, eat chocolate from the sales and lots of noisy kids.
Here’s some links to get you in good cheer : )

The Twelve Memes of Christmas. Partridge in a pear tree? Pah, this is the updated version – tweeting y’all.

Bouncy, bouncy cats. Gotta love the crazy peoples on the internets. Don’t act like you don’t enjoy this stuff.

I swear, celebrity endorsement is just weird sometimes. For all you Ryan Gosling fangirls (yeuch), here’s something to swoon over. A Ryan Gosling colouring book. I have no words.

Preetyyyyy. I’m gonna try this out with my nephews’ cars (I don’t think they have this many, but it’s worth a shot.)

So why didn’t the world end last Friday? Here’s the reasons why.

I bloomin love Tina Fey.

Just because I like cute monkeys, and this one is wearing a coat. “Monkey screaming” indeed.

10 Ridiculously Ugly Christmas Sweaters. I don’t see what’s so bad about them, we had worse when we were kids.

Zombie attacks? More like gnome attacks. Here’s a survival guide if it ever does happen.

Enjoy the holidays all, hope you’re getting some rest, cos I sure will be (my pile o’ books are testament to this).



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