The Gummy Bear Chandelier

…cos that’s something normal to have in your house. Not that I wouldn’t love to have one of these, it’s more the fear that I’d wake up one morning to find that half of it has been gummy-napped. And eaten. Artist Kevin Champeny has designed this yummylicious chandelier made of 3,000 hand-cast acrylic gummy bears, called ‘Candelier‘ for home furnishings company Jellio (you should see the other stuff this company has, it’s amazing. There’s giant gummy bear night-lights whose butts light up at night. No joke). You just have to fork out about £4k for a large-sized one, but think of all the nights you’d spend staring up at the ceiling, licking your lips over your expensive jelly bears…maybe not.

Gotta love the minds at work here, though.




light-5Image Source

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