‘Moranthology’: Parenting, Science and Libraries

I am set free to tackle THE REST OF THE WORLD: Ghostbusters, Twitter, caffeine, panic attacks, Michael Jackson’s memorial service, being a middle-class marijuana addict, Doctor Who, binge-drinking, Downton Abbey, pandas, my own tragically early death, and my repeated failure to get anyone to adopt the nickname I have chosen for myself: ‘Puffin’.

Hot on the heels of Caitlin Moran’s last book, comes her next anthology of snappy stories about the random occurences in her life, whether it’s a rant about her views on party bags and the futility of them all (who needs to thank children to come to a birthday party after they’ve just spent three hours eating your food?), glimpses into behaviour with A List celebs or just watching good ole Downton Abbey. Moranthology follows Caitlin Moran as she weaves her beliefs (whether it’s about feminism or just a really good curry) into each of the stories in the novel.


Critics have cited this book as being less funnier than How to Be a Woman, and perhaps it’s because Moran tries to do the almost-impossible – please all the potential readers and make every group feel included. But there are still snippets and themes we can all identify with – differences with her husband (“Man up…you thunderous nancy”), her love for her children and of course, her intellectual, moving take on subjects which beams through her writing, such as her love for books, her views on health and illnesses, and well…Will and Kate’s wedding.

Personally, I think you have to  be a fan of Moran’s writing to be able to devour this novel, it’s witty, clever and geeky, yet it may also feel repetitive after a while and some may not enjoy it as much as her last book. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you deem it worth in the Classics of Britain Hall of Fame, though!

Moranthology is available to buy on Amazon (and other websites) – or you can do Moran proud and visit a library to keep them open. You know.


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