Paper Camera: An Arty App

I have to admit, I do like my apps, especially when there’s some funky tweaking involved which makes my pictures look like I took them while on a journey to Mars. Like the Paper Camera app, which is even more crazier than the Instagram app, but I do like the different styles, colours and shading that’s available, especially when one photo can be re-touched to give a completely different look with each effect.

I think my favourite (and the most effective) pictures has got to be the trees in the first images, which are all examples of contrast, shading and lighting and which look dramatic in each picture – simple yet very striking. I do also like how artistic some of these filters look – the shaded drawing looks really realistic (I managed to fool a friend for about 5 minutes that I drew the baby hand picture!)

Perhaps not as well-know and popular as Instagram, but I do like this app, it’s a good way of turning colours on their heads and seeing what works and what doesn’t, with surprising results!











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