Weekly Gangnam Style Links

I’ve been busy catching up with my pile o’ books (which keeps growing somehow, everytime I take a book away, two more get added to the pile. Okay, that’s my own fault). Here’s some links to keep you busy while my lappie is still out of action.

How cute are these? I think I must try these with our newborn in the family.

Gangnam Style. ‘Nuff said.

Ten wacky inventions which never quite made. Flying tanks, whaa…? Although I’m sure the Phone Answering Robot just needed to be marketed properly, and it would’ve taken off like sliced bread. Could’ve been the perfect answer to those pesky telemarketers, too.

Hee hee hee. There’s always gonna be something to do with cats. I just don’t know where people get these ideas.

Even though I’ll never ever need it, I want this. I’ll put it away lovingly on the top shelf of my imaginary, miniature mahogany display cupboard inside my beautiful, imaginary doll house.

Oh, and please vote for my lovely sister’s blog, at Happy Muslimah, on the 2012 Circle of Moms contest – and visit her blog too!

Happy weekends! I’m going off to google more miniature things now!


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