It’s snow! Snow I tells ya!

Okay, not really real snow, just a marketing gimmick in Bond Street, central London today to make it feel all Christmassy. And a good thing too, with real snow comes the whole palaver of falling on your bum, slidey ice and a lot of unpleasant skidding #Grinch Grumpface#.

Apart from that, look how pretty all the lights look!

And for those of you non-Londoners wondering whether we all look like that fine, smartly dressed young man dressed in what looks like a old-style bus conductor’s uniform and hat…no. No we don’t dress like that. Sorry to disappoint, he’s probably just on his way to have tea with the Queen. And I’m pretty sure those two happy looking girls next to him are certainly too smiley to be Londoners, so we’ll out them in the Tourist category.

Meantimes, my laptop is off to the repair shop (sadface) due to unnecessary tripping over it by several siblings and nephews, so if blogging is sporadic – apologies, I’ll try to keep up where I can!


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