The Slow Death of Ceefax…

…reaches its climax, since this week they finally switch off the last pixels. I remember the slow days of Teletext and Ceefax pages, where it took about 3 minutes to load a page, and playing a game on it meant you had to clear your diary for the next 50 minutes. Bamboozle anyone? Those were the days , when subtitles were a nuisance (for my parents anyway – “Get that rubbish off the News, it’s too slow!”) and when TV listings only when as far as the next hour, and covered five channels.

Fun times : )


4 thoughts on “The Slow Death of Ceefax…

  1. OMG that brings back memories, mainly of trying to find out what’s on the tv and then getting stuck on th stupid page with the football scores.
    I had forgotten about this and now I feel sad it’s gone already. Okay mebbe not that much.

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