Edward Scissorhands: The First Snow

Among other things, Edward Scissorhands is a very romantic film, don’t you think? The secret love of our hero, the damsel in distress, the bullying villain, the restrained lover…this is all starting to sound a little Mills and Boons now, but you get what I mean.

Artist Brittney Lee has captured the most iconic moment of the movie with her scene made entirely from intricately cut paper, which I absolutely adore. I love romantique style art like this, it really is one of those pieces of arts which captures something which words can’t.

Image belongs to Brittney Lee

Eid Mubarak!….A Day of Food, Flowers and Family

We’ve had a busy weekend at the Harlequin household, starting with Eid celebrations, which began on Friday (not to mention the night-before shenanigans with last-minute shopping, mehndi being done out on the main streets and bangle shopping), and ended late into the night (complete with bowling, some questionable arcade game dancing and lots of coca-cola).

I think the best part was probably the two babies in our family being poked and prodded (in a nice way!) the whole day, and just looking, well, adorable.

So if you’re celebrating, Eid Mubarak! Here’s some eye candy to give a peek into what my house was like on the day, I completely forgot to take pictures of the presents (the boys all got socks and rubber-band guns. Don’t ask.), but we did get lots of pretty goodies and it was great to have the whole noisy crowd under one roof. With lots of cake, of course!

The quiet allure of Sri Thai City

Sri Thai City is one of those hidden away, hushed places which feels like a secret, underground restaurant which only some people know about, with soft-footed waiters and an almost romantic atmosphere. Or at least, that’s how it feels to me anyways. I visited this place recently, situated near Canary Wharf (which is owned by the same chain who owns Sri Nam) and found the decor to be beautiful: it’s subtle, tasteful and very well put together, just right to appeal to food lovers and people looking for something new. There;s a hint of the Oriental, with red silk wallpaper, ornate mirrors and carefully chosen pieces of art to create a classy ambience, without cluttering the whole restaurant. While it’s not halal, there’s plenty of other options (vegetarian or fish), which do taste lovely, and its easy to forget that just a street away is the hustle and bustle of Corporate London : )

The Slow Death of Ceefax…

…reaches its climax, since this week they finally switch off the last pixels. I remember the slow days of Teletext and Ceefax pages, where it took about 3 minutes to load a page, and playing a game on it meant you had to clear your diary for the next 50 minutes. Bamboozle anyone? Those were the days , when subtitles were a nuisance (for my parents anyway – “Get that rubbish off the News, it’s too slow!”) and when TV listings only when as far as the next hour, and covered five channels.

Fun times : )

Books to Look Out For #4: Queen Victoria Demon Hunter

She loved her country. She hated zombies.

There seems to be a theme of re-inventing English royalty and their secret lives, methinks – especially as this one is written by the same clever bean who re-vamped Henry VIII as a wolfie. Queen Victoria plays a woman who is aware from the very beginning of her destiny – Queen and demon killer. Yet along with this gory horror story are historical anecdotes, religious legends, a romance story and plenty of comedy.

If you like tongue-in-cheek humour peppered with history and a warrior queen, check this out, but if you’re fed up of all the zombie talk, then maybe miss this one out.

The Car Guys

I would love to have a wall full of these, and I’d sort them all out by size order and colour too. I love this display of hundreds of mini toy cars in different makes and models, from all eras (seen in Hamleys toyshop, which is so full of bright colours and sparkles, you can’t blame me for getting distracted.) I love this silhouette look, although I’m not so sure whether all these cars would stay put in my house though (and I’m sure my feet would find several in the middle of the night).

Still, they look so pretty and all.