Southend Hi-Jinks

If you haven’t been to visit the longest pier in the world, I’d recommend a walk down the pier (or quick train ride) in good ol’ Southend, it’s lovely on a summer day. Or even on an autumn evening when the sun isn’t so hot and the ice-creams don’t melt as quickly. There are benches for people to gather and relax, talk and even fish, and there are plenty of tourist shops to buy ice-cream, slush and sticks of rock. Wade in the shallow waters, or go further out in boats and dingies to revel in the cool, calm blue sea; ponder the meaning of life or just splish-splash and laugh with some friends and some bare feet.

It’s definitely worth a visit, it doesn’t cost much to get there and if the sea doesn’t entertain you, the roller-coasters will!

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