Dholkis, Dancing and Doughnuts…

…is what I’ve been up to this week. We’ve been doing dholki nights at my house with lots of family, friends and neighbours, and it’s been great fun (although exhausting!). Here’s just a few of the snaps I’ve taken this week, to show a peep of the things we’ve been up to (and the things we’ve been eating!)

It’s traditional for a girl to spend time with her family before she gets married, and we’ve been doing just that before my sister’s wedding, dancing away, singing questionable folk song and ending the night with samosa delights or some mehndi being applied, party poppers going off or some Aunties jumping around with questionable dance moves 😀

4 thoughts on “Dholkis, Dancing and Doughnuts…

  1. Aisha

    Where did you get hold of a dohlki? I want to learn how to play one! Love how the food looks! Very imaginative. I need to try sign up for email alerts again because I keep missing your updates! Looks like you guys are having much fun.

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