Weekly Sherlock Holmes Links

It’s weekendings time, which means cupcakes and movies overload time! In the meantime, here’s some links.

A recipe for making ice-cubes – and if you think that’s silly, read the comments, they’re hilarious!

I like this take on cubic-style street art, with an interesting merging of art and pavements.

I like this compilation of different versions of the famous Mona Lisa portrait, I like the Lego one, obviously.

This is what happens when you let young girl with an obssession for Hello Kitty and too much money on her hands run wild – a Hello Kitty hotel in Taiwan. I kid you not. I’ve never seen so many oink bows in one place. And if that isn’t enough, it seems to have sparked off the Barbie-themed hotel in the Hilton Hotel Cariari in Costa Rica. Just don’t let your toddlers see it, and you’re safe.

Another top ten list, this time for the Top Ten weirdest bunk beds. I don’t know who’s worse, the people who make these beds or the people who compiles lists about them : (

Cute babies overload, look away now if your maternal instincts are not easily drawn out. A whole website dedicated to funny baby pictures. *Sigh*

I’m in a Sherlock Holmes mood today, which one to pick?


Edward Scissorhands: Cute Dinosaur Hedges

I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton’s films, and his earlier films are way more kooky than his later films, my favourite being Edward Scissorhands. There’s quite a big cult following for this film, spawning all kinds of art, spin-off movies, toys, and merchandise you’d  never think of, with fans from all over the world of all ages. It’s pretty amazing that the film is now over 20 years old, and still as popular today, which is why it’s no surprise there is are several artists who have now contributed to ‘Scissorhands 20th’ legacy, that is, interpreting the film in their own way and drawing scenes of the film.

I love this piece by artist Alex Leighton, showing a cute, bug-eyed Edward making dinosaur-shaped hedges which looks cute enough to be a cartoon series in itself. I’d watch it anyways.

Image belongs to Alex Leighton

Southend Hi-Jinks

If you haven’t been to visit the longest pier in the world, I’d recommend a walk down the pier (or quick train ride) in good ol’ Southend, it’s lovely on a summer day. Or even on an autumn evening when the sun isn’t so hot and the ice-creams don’t melt as quickly. There are benches for people to gather and relax, talk and even fish, and there are plenty of tourist shops to buy ice-cream, slush and sticks of rock. Wade in the shallow waters, or go further out in boats and dingies to revel in the cool, calm blue sea; ponder the meaning of life or just splish-splash and laugh with some friends and some bare feet.

It’s definitely worth a visit, it doesn’t cost much to get there and if the sea doesn’t entertain you, the roller-coasters will!

Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: The Pill Head

And in a pharmacy, no less. A moustache’d head made of drugs and medicine to make pill poppin’ more friendly to the frightened chillen, perhaps. Or maybe the pharmacist occupation is just way more creative than we know. But I still thought this was funky window dressing to walk past, and it certainly makes you appreciate all the hard work that went into this!