Books to Look Out For #3: Henry VIII: Wolfman


After the Zombies in Pemberly, comes a blood-thirsty King – literally. The famous philandering King Henry VIII is re-written as a werewolf. There seems to be a whole genre awakened here, re-creating the roles of famous figures of history (I went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter too) and I don’t think it ends here, there’s plenty more characters to be re-vamped.

The book seems to follow the King eating random animals and wives, amongst trying to get an heir, accusations of witchcraft thrown in and plenty ‘o politics to pepper the storyline. I’m not a huge fan of werewolves books in the horror genre for some reason (I’ve always preferred the witchy stories or the random supernatural), but this book is worth a look, I’m sure some of you will think it’s a royal howler (otherwise there’s always a silver bullet).


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