Books to Look Out For #3: Henry VIII: Wolfman


After the Zombies in Pemberly, comes a blood-thirsty King – literally. The famous philandering King Henry VIII is re-written as a werewolf. There seems to be a whole genre awakened here, re-creating the roles of famous figures of history (I went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter too) and I don’t think it ends here, there’s plenty more characters to be re-vamped.

The book seems to follow the King eating random animals and wives, amongst trying to get an heir, accusations of witchcraft thrown in and plenty ‘o politics to pepper the storyline. I’m not a huge fan of werewolves books in the horror genre for some reason (I’ve always preferred the witchy stories or the random supernatural), but this book is worth a look, I’m sure some of you will think it’s a royal howler (otherwise there’s always a silver bullet).


The Wedding Season is Upon us…

…and it’s all sparkles, bling and lots of food. My sister’s wedding is coming up in weeks to come too, so apologies if I disappear for a few days randomly, but you can be happy knowing that there’s some pretty pictures being taken (and that I have some beautiful shoes being worn!)

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, all.

Weekend Pretty…Harry Potter

I visited the Warner Brother studio tour of the Harry Potter sets (which I have dubbed Harry-Potter-Land ever since) and had great fun, there’s an amazing amount of things to look at and if you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series (which as you’ve guess, I am), then this is HarryLand Havana.

‘Scuse all the random people in the way, I have no idea who they are and why they’re ruining my view 😦

Writing on the Wall: Royal Art at Buckingham Palace Station

When wandering around the random parts of Buckingham Palace, tourists are sure to notice these pretty scribblings on the walls of Buckingham Palace train station. I do like the ‘stories’ that are in them (like the different depictions of the famous Harrods store from its beginning to present day), and it’s always great to have small features like this hidden away to be found.

For snap happy people like me, of course.

Eid Preps (…in Pakistan)

…they look like scenes very similar to Green Street and Ilford Lane in East London, which show the madness already beginning, people buying new clothes and bangles, getting mehndi done and enjoying the atmosphere of people around them. I love these beautiful images below of the markets and bazaars in Pakistan, Karachi, showing the celebrations which have already begun in the last few days.

Hopefully I’ll be posting my own pictures of the Eid preps and celebrations in the next day or two!

Image from Dawn Newspaper, Pakistan

Weekly Bolt-and-Farah Links

It’s been a crazy two weeks full of Olympic Fever and plenty o’ sporting, which was only topped off by this moment tonight which made me smile with glee.

Finding it difficult in the madness of London? Here’s a ‘how-to’ guide on how to be a Londoner and survice.

I love things like this, blogger SheWalksSoftly looks at old book covers and posters and makes us giggle at them.

Don’t make the bunny cry : (

Quite possibly the best formula to write a successful book and/or movie, try it and see.

We all like making a bit of extra money every now and then, but we probably couldn’t top this eBay seller who sold his entire games collection – for a million Euros. More information about the seller here, although I’m not sure he has any tips!

How yummy does this look? Excuse me while I go stare at my jar of Nutella now.

A film for the kids maybe – Animalympics? Probably the only time you’ll see a goat sucessfully riding a bike.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, all, and of course the Closing Ceremony is still to come!

Image from Manic Muslim