Weekly Samosa Links

Hope you’re all having a good rest this weekend, I’m loving the idea of doing a 30-day Ramadan Journal which charts your progress, your thoughts and your aspirations in this month – something you would consider? In the meantime, some linkies.

If using social networks wasn’t enough, now you can dress up as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube! Now that’s hardcore internets-ing.

Bert & Ernie’s debut as rappers. You’ll never look at them the same way again. Okay, that’s not true, this song is perfect for them.

I thought this was brilliant – children’s drawings made into toys! Now, to submit my drawing of a laser-eyed Barbie with 6 arms…(seriously, a rabbit with 6 eyes and a sheep with killer teeth wool! Amazing stuff! And I think we all recognise the long Rupunzel-ed hair princess at the end, we’ve all done that at some point.)

If Lord of the Ring had a Facebook page during the er…quest to destroy the ring, it would probably look like this – now in One Thread to bind them all.

I’m pretty sure this is a valid explanation for almost anything that goes missing.

I love re-vamps of Disney movies – this is how Beauty & the Beast may have been like if Belle lived in the ‘hood.

And some heartwarming videos caught on CCTVs by Coca-Cola, which I thought were pretty sweet!

(I’m pretty sure I went to school with this kid. Or at least bumped into him a few years later ‘expressing’ himself in Arts and Drama class)


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