The Gardens of Hever Castle

There are some seriously beautiful flowers, gardens and sculptures to be found at Hever Castle, and it’s great fun to wander around and explore all the different places. And while there aren’t arrogant peacocks wandering like there are at Leeds Castle, there’s a lot of wildlife and beautiful scenery which really is a wonder to discover.

My favourite two spots was the hidden staircase waaaay back behind the castle, which led to a tiny waterfall and a great view of the Castle and it’s grounds; the second spot was the stunning view of the lake at the end of all the gardens, which had a seating area to relax and enjoy the moment.

And of course the flowers! There were colourful, beautiful flowers in abundance, which varied in shapes, arrangements and colour all over the various parts of the walkways, gardens, garlanded over statues and hidden behind nearly-secret gates which led to massive flowerbeds. Oh, and I was lucky enough to spot a mother swan with her seriously cute cygnet babies : )

Imagine playing hide and seek in this place!

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