A Yellowy Baby Shower Suprise!

We had a supreez Baby Shower for my eldest sister, after much lying, denying and outright barefaced fake-ignorance, which resulted in a very suspicious sister. Thank god the whole family was in it (not without a few slips, apparently asking a group of women to keep a secret for a few weeks is a very tall order!) and manage to keep it quiet enough to have some element of surprise anyway. Apparently I’m not a very good liar, but I’m just gonna put that down to my sister’s hormones and not knowing what planet she’s on. Geez.

But, Ladies and Gentlebeans, it was tow-tally fun.  You can see her reaction here, well worth it. We had a yellow theme, with banners, streamers, cakes and favour bags (we had some seriously cute balloons too but they flew away. True story.) The best present had to be the deceptive-looking cake, which turned out to be made of nappies – made overnight by a very nice friend of my sister’s! There were plenty of games, fresh fruit, and fresh-cream cakes for all, to go with some seriously pretty flowers from my mum and a lot of yakkety-yakking by everyone.

So yes, a good weekend was had by all. If only those balloons hadn’t flew away, eh?


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