Weekly Thor Hammer USB Links

I’ve been melting slowly in the last few days in Britain’s hormonal weather, I’m pretty sure I’ll look like a slushy alien by the end of the week :/
Here’s some links to enjoy while you slosh that sunscreen on.

Quite possibly the funniest blog post I’ve read yet about the Jubilee. A quote from the post to get an idea of what to expect: “On Sunday, it was raining for most of the day, so I went to the cinema. Fortunately, however, the rain stopped on Monday and so I headed to the Thames to see the flotilla.

This is one film that I’m glad I missed out on in my childhood of forced-Punjabi-films-watching: Hitlar, Pakistani son of Hitler. Yeah, I don’t know why it exists either.

I want these USB sticks. Only $199 as well. THOR HAMMER PLUG INNNN!

10 of the weirdest churches you’ll see. I don’t know who compiles these lists, and what they type in to get this stuff. Tank Church, anyone? I assume Mayan temples are next in this list.

Lunch Bag Art. Drawn by possibly the coolest dad in the world. When I have kids, I’m gonna do this and hope the paint doesn’t trickle into the food.

Indian Superman as interpreted by Bollywood films, never grows old. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s an Indian Spiderman too!

And now, enjoy some Lego pride 🙂

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