How to focus in the age of distractions

By god is this something sorely needed. When we’re not checking our Facebook, emails, Gmails, Twitter or Whatsapp, we’re sending a picture with Instagram, reading books from iPads while eating dinner, listening to music with our android smart phones-slash-washingmachines, taking pictures of pictures.

Is it any wonder our kids have a short attention span and we’re so overworked?

I remember when I was a kid, playing computer games was something we did every now and then, but we much preferred to read a book. Using a computer was for drawing on MS Paint (yes I still do that now, don’t say you don’t), but we much preferred painting with acrylics and watercolour pencils. And using a phone was just when we called each other’s landlines to arrange a place to meet, where we’d go out and have fun rather than type about it online.

There are actually rehab clinics for internet addicts. Facebook rehab and all.

I don’t want to sound too extreme, I’m just a culprit in all of this as anyone else, I can pretty much say that I use a computer at work every day, then come  home and unwind in front of my own PC! And the internet has done wonders for people, of course, it’s connected us to millions, it’s helped us express ourselves, and it’s opened a whole new world out there.

But sometimes we just need to take a break. Breathe. Live in the real world a little.

Image from Learning Fundamentals

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