Harlequin Stories: Snippets from Silly Stories

I’ve always loved writing and thinking up silly and serious story-lines, most of which I end up forgetting if I don’t write them down. My sisters and I were constantly writing silly stories for each other when we were younger, usually casting each other as evil witches or deformed trolls, and ourselves as the clever Princess who fought off the Greater Ugliness who was oppressing us.

I’ve been trying my hand at writing again (it’s my intention to become the next Roald Dahl one day. Okay maybe not Dahl, maybe a poor-man’s Shakespeare. I dunno) especially since it’s been a few years with studying and being lazy and not being sure of what to write (or having confidence in my writing!). I’ve not written much so far, but I’m busy motivating myself, and that’s half the exercise, right?

I’ve been looking at some of the gold *ahem*, yes, gold I wrote as a child and pre-teen, and have had great fun reading some of the nonsense which I used to pour out on paper (or on screen!)
Here’s a snippet of a very silly story I wrote years ago when I was a tweenie. Or is it called teeny-bopper these days? It’s no ‘Paradise Lost’ but it’s still worth a read :/

Meanwhile, Gran seemed to be peacefully rocking back and forth in her rocking chair. Everyone smiled at her content face, when she suddenly jumped up and pulled off her shawl, revealing a hot pink lycra bodysuit with metal pointy things coming out of it. “Screw the lot of you! I’m going to join the circus, you people never feed me properly!!” and she grabbed her electric guitar which mysteriously seemed to have come from nowhere, and ran out the door, jumping into a weird white van which banged and spluttered as it stalled all the way down the street. [Sadly, the family later heard that the whole circus thing didn’t work out, since Gran and the ringmaster disagreed about whether Gran should be fed to the lions. It turned out she is now is a rock band with a group of other failures called The Darkness, apparently disguising herself (unsuccessfully) as a man.]

Yikes. I like to think I’ve improved since then, but it is great fun coming across these silly stories again. I have no idea what I was smoking/eating that time, but clearly I had a rampant disregard for punctuation and a lot of imagination which probably took me about five minutes to perfect and type out. I do envy the fact that I was a lot less self-conscious about what I wrote too, which makes me wonder whether I should follow my own lead and write down whatever comes into my head!


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