Weekly Tetris Cake Links

Happy weekend-rest-time, although I can already hear the mad scrabble of papers for those of you teachers/students/janitors who have to go back to school! Here’s some links.

In the spirit of the Diamond Jubilee, here’s a portrait. Made of sweets. Wonder how long that lasted…?

And here’s some more, but this time made of Lego.

I’ve never had a room-mate, but I’m sure that my sisters count. After all, they do pretty much all of these : (

Heh, emo kids. Here’s a site dedicated to making them cry.

Thought this was interesting, films that you’ve never heard of being ripped off and being made into blockbusters. The Up film by Pixar was unbelievable!

Following on from the teeny tiny food post, some more food jewellery. Amazing work!

I don’t have the Draw Something app, but if I did, my drawings would probably look like this. Perhaps a bit more colourful, but you know.

And can someone make me this cake?


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