Glueguns & Craftiness: Golden Shields, Swords and Crowns

In the spirit of Jubilee Week, my two nephews and niece were forced to enjoyed being able to dress up in kings-and-queens style outfits as part of their school celebrations. While it’s easier for the girls to pull out their fluffiest, biggest, swishiest dresses and call themselves princesses, for the boys it can be a bit harder to pull out a costume which goes beyond the usual Buzz Lightyear demand or Batman capes. I decided to help out my sister (their mum) with making a worth prince-outfit for them (which really consisted of the shield, sword and crown-making, rather than sewing any tights for them)

First, the shields. Because the boys have to be different so that they can both say they have a better costume than the other, we made one set of armoury silver, and the other gold (which also made it easier to make everything else exactly the same!) Using corrugated card, draw the shape of the shield, cut it out (cuttingit out is a lot harder than it looks, try using something close (but less crazy and illegal) to something sharp like a chain-saw rather than dinky scissors. We used a pen-knife and some very big scissors. Spray-paint in quick-dry paint, and then rope in the nearest child to pick out pretty letters to make the right name. Glue them on, and add some jewels. Don’t forget to use some left over card for the handle at the back.

Next, the sword – which was pretty  much the same as making the shield. Draw out, cut, spray paint. We cut out one and used it as a template for the next to make it look the same, and also made the handle something we could slot the sword through as a 3D-effect. Simple, yet effect. We added stick-on gems on this too, not quite Excalibur but the kids don’t need to know that, right?

Lastly, the crowns, which were even more simple. Get a piece of card, draw zig-zag lines down the middle and cut. Stick the two pieces together and fold into a circle shape (according to kid’s head-size and how still they stand). That way the zig-zag lines can continue evenly and the crowns are a good size. Again, stick on jewels make them all sparkly.

End result: some cardboard-happy boys who woke up the next morning to have a sword fight before school and getting their Jubilee-Kingyness on.
I’m having fun getting into this creativity lark 🙂


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