Jubilee London Monday!

I’ve been busy enjoying the different festivities on offer this Bank Holiday weekend (as opposed to the usual lazing about the house that I do) and making the most of going out to various places, ducking the bad weather and sunning my face in the rare flashes of rays : )

This is from when I visited busy, busy Central London over the weekend to have a wander-about with le siblings and indulge in our penchant for window-shopping for shoes and weird objects. I think the kites were the best things I saw that day, oh and some seriously giant shoes in Seldfridges. Pics of the shoes later though 😀

And of course there was the long-anticipated Jubilee Flotilla yesterday, and the many, many boats (although I didn’t get as brilliant a view as my sister, who chose to go a different route, dammit). I managed to grab an okay-ish view of London Tower Bridge, and of the Queen’s goldeny boat as is floated by (although I did not get a good shot of the boat at all!), here’s a few pics to show just  how busy it was (if you didn’t catch it on the news!)

Today we decided to keep it more relaxed and visit a local Green Fair at our local park, which had plenty to offer in terms of food and creativity. There were stalls with local artists with their work (such as beautifully crafted ceramics) and activities for the kids, like building things out of newspapers and tubes, and ‘making your own clothes’ fashion show. Oh, and plenty of live music, from rock, indie, acoustic and string. So something for everyone’s interest, complete with strawberries on offer!

As you can see, we finished the Fair off with sparkly cupcakes and a half-sunny day. And if that’s not enough for you, then here’s a re-jazzed Jubilee Song to listen to, and a picture of my feet to peer at.

Happy Weekendings!


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