Weekly Thor Hammer USB Links

I’ve been melting slowly in the last few days in Britain’s hormonal weather, I’m pretty sure I’ll look like a slushy alien by the end of the week :/
Here’s some links to enjoy while you slosh that sunscreen on.

Quite possibly the funniest blog post I’ve read yet about the Jubilee. A quote from the post to get an idea of what to expect: “On Sunday, it was raining for most of the day, so I went to the cinema. Fortunately, however, the rain stopped on Monday and so I headed to the Thames to see the flotilla.

This is one film that I’m glad I missed out on in my childhood of forced-Punjabi-films-watching: Hitlar, Pakistani son of Hitler. Yeah, I don’t know why it exists either.

I want these USB sticks. Only $199 as well. THOR HAMMER PLUG INNNN!

10 of the weirdest churches you’ll see. I don’t know who compiles these lists, and what they type in to get this stuff. Tank Church, anyone? I assume Mayan temples are next in this list.

Lunch Bag Art. Drawn by possibly the coolest dad in the world. When I have kids, I’m gonna do this and hope the paint doesn’t trickle into the food.

Indian Superman as interpreted by Bollywood films, never grows old. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s an Indian Spiderman too!

And now, enjoy some Lego pride 🙂


Telephone Box Art: The ‘Do Not Open’ Marker Pen Box

I love it when there’s some quirky, arty stuff placed around London for people to find. Just as there were Faberge-inspired, massive Easter eggs around April time this year, and cutely coloured giant elephants last year and the year before, now the iconic British telephone Box has been re-vamped by various famous artists and placed around London. I assume this is in celebration of both the Jubilee this year and the upcoming Olympics, and it’s always fun to look for them around London (and as with the other stuff, you’ll be able to bid for these monstrosities too!)

This is one called ‘Do Not Open’ found in Shoreditch, East London which I saw today, and found very appropriate amongst all the graffiti style art which surrounds the area, as well as the colourful Brick Lane which is a stone throw away.

I’ll be looking out for more of these over the next few weeks (and posing like a duck in front of them), there’s some really funky ones out there, so if you’re around London, have a look!

Van Gogh’s Parodied Art

I never knew just how much the famous art of van Gogh was parodied until I saw this lot, just a fraction of the parodies of the famous works of arts. Some seriously hilarious and very talented stuff here, all in the famous swirls and dreamy colours but re-interpreted in so many different ways. I love the imagination that’s gone into these, and I really can’t pick a favourite of them! Suffice to say, Batman seems to be a popular theme (although the Lego-van-Gogh really made me chuckle!)

Image Source

Fairy Tales & Long Tails: Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales

With stories of frightened young women giving birth to a pot (yes you read that right!), the Little Red Riding Hood who DOES get eaten by the Hungry Wolf, and old women who live in odd places like vinegar bottles, Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales is hardly the usual type we think of when thinking of ‘fairies’ and ‘happily ever afters’.

I loved reading stories, folk stories and myths from around the world in my childhood (think Spider Anansie and Baba Yaga from Africa, Sinbad the Sailor and Ali Baba from Arabia, Greek gods and goddesses and Egyptians tales of the afterlife), all of which had rich characters, quirky tales and interesting morals to them. Who’d have thought that the stories about the beginning of the world would involve such interesting events – How the Tortoise Got a Hard Back, for example, or How the Snake Lost It’s Legs. Maybe not scientifically accurate by today’s standards, but still interesting stories to read.

And these stories are brilliant at challenging the norm – with beautiful girls leading miserable lives, crafty witches being the winners, wives getting the better of their husbands and the heroes don’t need to be rich to complete their tales.

Angela Carter’s book of tales brings together stories from all across the globe, ranging from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, America, Australia and even the Artics to fully bring a flavour of several countries and cultures. I love the sinister sides of these stories, the gory sides of fairy tales and human nature, with good nature and humour mixed into this pot of short stories which are a far cry from Disney stories we’ve seen.

Definitely a book I’d recommend if you’re a lover of fairy tales and folk stories, if you’ve read Grimm’s book of tales, Hans Christian’s collection of stories or even Roald Dahl’s genius stories as a child, then these will be right up your street. With stories entitled ‘Reasons to beat your wife’ and ‘The woman who married her son’s wife’ (don’t worry, it doesn’t encourage incest or domestic violence!) there’s certainly a quirky style to these stories which are memorable and magical : )

How to focus in the age of distractions

By god is this something sorely needed. When we’re not checking our Facebook, emails, Gmails, Twitter or Whatsapp, we’re sending a picture with Instagram, reading books from iPads while eating dinner, listening to music with our android smart phones-slash-washingmachines, taking pictures of pictures.

Is it any wonder our kids have a short attention span and we’re so overworked?

I remember when I was a kid, playing computer games was something we did every now and then, but we much preferred to read a book. Using a computer was for drawing on MS Paint (yes I still do that now, don’t say you don’t), but we much preferred painting with acrylics and watercolour pencils. And using a phone was just when we called each other’s landlines to arrange a place to meet, where we’d go out and have fun rather than type about it online.

There are actually rehab clinics for internet addicts. Facebook rehab and all.

I don’t want to sound too extreme, I’m just a culprit in all of this as anyone else, I can pretty much say that I use a computer at work every day, then come  home and unwind in front of my own PC! And the internet has done wonders for people, of course, it’s connected us to millions, it’s helped us express ourselves, and it’s opened a whole new world out there.

But sometimes we just need to take a break. Breathe. Live in the real world a little.

Image from Learning Fundamentals