Somewhere in a secret garden, there’s a hidden light

I love those moments when you find something beautiful hidden amongst the ordinary, something you stumble onto almost by mistake, and you probably won’t be able to capture again. I took this picture yesterday while out for a dawdle in the park in the evening with the sisters for a change of scenery and some girly gossip. I rarely ever edit my pictures, and it’s usually because of images like these, why change any part of it when Nature has spent all her time making it perfect? It’s a perfect time to go for a walk, the evening breeze is cool and fresh, the air is warm enough to feel comfortable in, and there’s an almost romantic, inviting light which makes you feel glad you went out. Stretch your legs, let some breeze into your hair (or scarf, in my case!), and wear something loose and comfortable to let yourself relax in. Push some children off the swings in the park, if you have to. Err. Okay wait for them to get off (in case their parents are watching) and have some fun swinging into the sky. Walk around in the chirping quiet and enjoy the flashes of colour from the flowers in their beds. Watch the comedy of dramas which happen around as all sorts of bizarre folk come at night, and look for those hidden places which you might never normally go to. Surprise yourself.

Make some good memories. Summer only comes once a year : )


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