Weekly Wicked Witch Links

Avengers time this weekend. I did want to go to this Comic Con (the geek inside me insisted, actually) but didn’t manage to make enough time to go. Sadface.

I want this bookmark. Seriously, how brilliant is it? Please make me one and you’ll get a nice pretty photo in return. Possibly something to do with a cat or a pair of colourful socks.

My bed is my BFF. Ask any of my sisters, they’ll confirm it. Not sure I’d love my sleep so much if my bed looked like anything of these ones though.

Cats in bread blog. Title says it all. A line must be drawn somewhere with internet abusage, I say,

The Simpson’s Comic Book Guy has a name? First I knew of it – apparently it’s Jeff. Gorsh. Here’s a few more you didn’t know – watch out for the Wizard of Oz’s full name, it’s a real mouthful.

Here’s some beautiful landscape and photography eyecandy. Here’s hoping I can take (read: Photoshop) photographs like these one day, eh?

Batman characters – Dr Seuss style! Love them all : )


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