L’Art de Instagram: The Prettifying App

I’m not one for following hypes and fads (*ahem, iPad) and buying things just because everyone else has them and have made them ‘cool’ cos deep down inside I’m still a geek who likes colour co-ordinating her gel pens and read stories from books with turn-y pages rather than from a ‘book’ that can crash.

The Instagram app is one of those exceptions which was publicised after being bought out by Facebook, and which is being used by god knows how many users at the moment. I wasn’t aware of how popular it was when I started using it, although since then I’ve seen hundreds of users (most of them posting pictures of their lunch on facebook that has been touched up by Instagram!)

This is an example of how I played around with the lighting and colour effects to get a different look for the same picture, I used these pictures to show the difference in colour, lighting and contrasting. When compared to the original there’s quite a few different styles and looks going on which gives different moods and styles, and which all appealed to me (although I still love the original, untouched version as well!)

Here’s a few more pictures I…erm..improved using this app, it’s not very complicated as there’s not many features involved and it pretty much does most of the work for you, but it’s very handy in making your pictures look more dramatic or pretty.

Here’s some more examples in the differences in the colours and lighting are these peacock pictures taken last month:

I’ve found that sometimes the details can get enhanced with some of the special effects in this app, although this isn’t always the case. The peacock pictures above, for example, look a lot more scenic and picturesque, but the smaller details such as the sharpness in colour in the feathers is slightly lost, because of the slightly hazey look. BUT, having said that, I’ve usually found this app very useful for brightening up a picture which was taken in the low light (say when you’re taking pictures in the dark at a birthday party and can’t see a thing except camera flashes or candles!)

This isn’t the best app out there, of course, but it’s a very easy way to make your pictures look pretty, and very convenient if you have a lot of pictures on your mobile.

Here’s a few more touched up pictures using the deft (cyber) hand of Monsieur Instagram, using various effects on different scenes and items:

Because this app is free, there’s no harm in downloading it to see if it’s something that appeals to you. What I also like is that there is a network of other users’ photos which they put on display, and some of them are really breath-taking. Just don’t  abuse the app by making your sausage-and-beans lunch look like an alien and then broadcast it to everyone on your social networking site. Yuck :/


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