Glue-guns & Craftiness: Fabric Earrings Monday

I saw these today via this blogger and thought these were really cute, do-it-yourself fabric scrap earrings. Ideal for your average cheapskate (like me, obviously). I’m always on the look-out for new things to make, (especially coming from a fairly creative family!) and thought these were beautifully and cleverly done, although they’re probably not as easy to make as they look!

If I make these, I’ll be sure to make the results, although I’d also love for anyone to show me if they’ve made something similar.

*puts creative bug hat on*

Image belongs to Tiny Apartment Crafts

5 thoughts on “Glue-guns & Craftiness: Fabric Earrings Monday

  1. Aisha

    I love crafting. Have you heckled out the Mollie Makes website? They have some cute things to make. I really should leave more comments so going to try and be better at it! X

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