Pics & Tricks: Fast Speed Pictures

There’s been silly crazes like planking and Rick Rolling which have taken the internet world by storm (or possibly small gales), although most likely discovered by mistake and discarded just as easily. But like other, more greater inventions (like Penicillin) which could only be discovered by stumbling upon them, I’ve discovered a new photography technique which will (hopefully) become popular and make me famous beyond my wildest dreams. Um. Until the next fad.

I’ve been sticking my camera (and camera-on-mobile) half-out of windows to snap pretty things we drive (and whizz!) past, and most of the time I get shouted up for making the car cold and “endangering” myself (pah), as well as getting a load of blurry snaps. For some reason, no matter who’s driving, they’re never able to appreciate how long it takes to take a picture and the importance of slowing down regardless of where you are, motorway or not. I’ve managed to take a few pretty pictures which looks all whizzed up (I tried to get a sunset picture too, but no luck),

This is my more successful attempt, which I kinda liked cos it almost looks biblical and serene (if you ignore the random broken fences at the bottom, plus you can’t see all the ugly roads and the Oompa Loompa factory a stone throw away). We have a painting in my house which kinda reminds me of this, I’ll try to snap it so you can compare the two soon!

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