Weekly Sparkly Bangles Links

I like the month of May, it’s a good month. Apart from the weather being meant to improve (I’m still waiting for signs of that), it’s Bank Holiday weekend this weekend, and that’s never something to be sneezed at. Not to mention that the parents are FINALLY back from their (very) long trip to the Motherland, and have brought with them many treasures. Namely sparkly bangles and new clothes, which are currently all splayed out over the house and dropping several sequins and beads everywhere. Oops.

My plans for this weekend? To catch up on my latest gory series – The Bridge – and try on all my new clothes at once, all on top of each other.

I don’t know why and how I search for these things. 15 of the weirdest lollipops you’ll ever see. I did like the one on the end of the pencil though, that shoulda been invented a long time ago and saved us from lead/rubber-on-the-end poisoning.

I’ll never own an iPhone, and proudly so. But for those of you who do, my condolences, and this interesting link on how to make your own iPhone case. Cos, you know, you might as well save some money after buying all those apps.

*SeriousFaceOn*. An interesting article for mums with boys – and what they need. My opinion is, just don’t show too many photos of him dressed up as a girl à la Ross from Friends to his mates when he’s a teenager, and he won’t be too damaged.

This ones for all you Game of Throne fans out there (including me) – the series opening credits re-created with the magic of Lego. Some serious hard work went into this, folks.

Edible chocolate candles. ‘Nuff said. Make a quirky chocoholic happy on their birthday.

And now an aww-fest – geeky t-shirts for babies. Probably to create the future generations of Sheldons, I dunno.

A cute Fruit Story. Zombies included.

Enjoy your extended weekend (if it applies to you) and I’ll let you know if there’s any more gory series to be watched 😉


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