Macaroony Mondays!

Here’s some macaroony love for this Monday! How preetiful do these look? If only they tasted half as scrumptious as they looked, and cost a lot less. Ah ye professional con-artists of London, why must you lure me in with your colourful sparkles and pretty circles?


Bought from Chocodeli (I know, even the name is cute!, these are some colourful and flavoursome pretties which are all the craze now. I know I know, I shouldn’t pander to the lastest fashion trendz but I couldn’t resist these delightful looking things (or colourful cowpats as one friend called them).

Here’s some pretty display pictures of all the candy-fied stuff in the store. People in these kinda shops never understand why I take pictures, but what do they know. Hmph. Plenty of sweets and a pretty cone-shaped…er…something to park your bum on.

Look, a choo-choo train!

And if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s a macaroon cake. Looks like a funky Christmas tree to me, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Er. Ignore that suspicious looking reflection of half a coat and a hand on the left there.

Even the packaging for the macaroons is so pretty. I think I’ve found my newest storage box for all that precious junk I have lying around.


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