Weekly Chocolate Darth Vader Links

I’ve had a busy, rainy and photo-filled week so that Friday feeling couldn’t come soon enough! Time for a bit of rest, a bit of cookies and some catching up on the ever-growing book pile! Here’s some links for your curious eyes, click away!

Feeling a bit blue? Here’s some dramatically titled Screenshots of Dispair to show that someone, somewhere is reading something that makes them more depressed than you. I quite liked this one the best!

I absolutely love this one, it’s made me want to go on a label hunt to look for some of these – Funny Clothing Tags which have been found by various people so far. I’m pretty sure a lot of these are for men’s clothings.

We all have a Star Wars fan and a chocolate junkie in all of us. C’mon, admit it. Here’s something to combine the two loves together – Star Wars characters made from chocolate. The Darth Vader one looks so cute I’d never eat it!

Ugh. I better not catch anyone doing this.

Anyone who has ever watched any (or even just one!) episode of The Walking Dead will understand this feeling. I kid you not.

Here’s some art candy for you – books carved into interesting landscape pieces – very clever! It does make a tiny part of me wonder whether those were ‘good’ books which got cut up though :/

That’s all I’ll post this week, have a good rest and good luck to anyone running in the London Marathon tomorrow!

So cute that I just wanna *eat you*. Or just preserve you forever and ever.


One thought on “Weekly Chocolate Darth Vader Links

  1. MA

    some really good finds – those book carvings were brilliant and the labels are hilarious – and i agree they probably are mostley from men’s clothes!

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