Pablo Delgado’s Miniature Street Art

I’m a big fan of street art and I’ll always take the opportunity to take snaps of any I see around London (or outside London!). Pablo Delgado‘s miniature street art is something I absolutely adore, mini paintings on the streets and walls of London waiting to be spotted by passersby and sharp-eyed admirers. From mini doorways, quirky pieces, history (the Moon Landing) and comments on politics (Sarkozy’s ban on niqaab, for example is depicted here), there’s all sorts of different mini art shown here. Most of them seem to be hidden around East London, either in painted form or as pictures that have been pasted on.

I love the idea of this hidden world which points to a form of satire which is both cheeky and subtle, out in the open while hidden away. I couldn’t post all the pictures I liked because there were too many, but they’ve definitely made me try to keep an eye out for any that I see around London!

All images belong to Pablo Delgado

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