Beautiful Peacock Mondays!

I’ve had a beautiful weekend, so I’m quite happy,on this particular Monday, after a sunny weekend spent sight-seeing in Kent at one of it’s more beautiful places (I’ll reveal where in the next post!). Here’s one of the reasons why (among a few others!), beautiful peacocks in different shapes, sizes and colours.

The pea-hens we saw, this one was just one of may beautiful ones that we saw (and less arrogant than the males, I noticed!) wandering around the place we went to, and surprisingly not that afraid of humans (probably because of how many people they see!)

We also saw some gorgeous looking white albino peacocks wandering around, although these were quite shy on the whole and we had to stay away from them at a distance so that they didn’t run away. I would have loved to see an open tail on one of these, but sadly I wasn’t lucky enough to experience such joy.

And of course we saw these gloriously coloured beauties wandering around freely all over the place and making sure they grabbed our attention with their beautiful vivid jades of blues, turquoises and golds. I did look around to see if any peacock feathers would fall out but not such luck 😦

This fellow decided that it needed to show off a bit more by somehow climbing onto the roof of one of the buildings so that everyone could get a better look at him, strutting around with his lovely tail…

….Before jumping off the roof and wandering around a bit more (and closely followed by myself)…

…And deciding that it wanted to impress me a bit more by showing me its stunning tail in a better way…

I was lucky enough to see this just as we were leaving, and it was a great end to the day! And I’m pretty sure that it opened it’s tail FOR ME (seeing as I stalked it for about 20 minutes) to show off. My sister says that peacocks also open their tails to signal danger, but what does she know, eh?


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