Weekend R2D2 Garms Links

It’s been an egg-filled week for me (coming in various sizes and flavours) which has kept me busy. Plus my stupit internet is not working consistently, as we’ve had builders around ‘decorating’ my house (i.e. showing their bum crack and hiding from us women in the house) and who have taken up all the floorboards, plug sockets and half the cupboards for us to trip over. We’re suprising my mum and dad while they’re away by doing up the house so that they can see what lovely, helpful daughters we are. Have a look-see at these links while we tread over the floor boards carefully.

Something along the lines of the famous Awkward Family Photos compilations – here’s another blog, the Weird Family Pictures, full of Chewbacca’s relatives and…the Star Trek extras you never knew about (among other things!)

This is just cute.

I came across this brand of stationary products recently which made me chuckle – Waldo Pancakes. Anyone buy anything from here?

The Hunger Games movie has had some good reviews and feedback, although this couple took the concept a bit further…and based their wedding on it (although it still looked very pretty!)

Some seriously imaginative shelves here, talk about taking art to another level.

More geeky clothes for sci-fi fans – this time, an R2D2 skirt! The sci-fi world’s favourite trashcan is being integrated into fashion I assume, after this Etsy seller created an R2D2 apron as well.

Lastly, this one made me laugh simply because it’s so random! Whoever woulda thunk of compliling a list of 25 Most Ironic T-shirts to get arrested in? Well, these lot did, quite clearly!

That’s all for the weekend, have some ice-cream before the sunshine disappears and we’re back to wearing knitwear again :/


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