Better Book Titles for Children Stories

I’m pretty sure I would have had much cooler memories of my childhood, if books had been labelled in the way they have been by this blogger, whose mission in life appears to  be cutting though those long-winded blurbs and titles and telling you what a book’s REALLY about. Better Book Titles does just that, re-naming popular and reknowned books to something more apt. And the result is brilliant! Here’s a few examples of the children books that were ‘improved’, and surprisingly have more sinister titles. If they were on the bookshelves today, I’d still buy them. Not sure about everyone else though :/

And my absolute favourite out of these. Not sure if this is a metaphor of society today, or just a really funny way of summing up the book. Either way, it works, right?

All images belong to Better Book Titles

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