Weekend Sparkly Lamp-posts Links

Wet weekend this weekend, which is a pity cos I was hoping that spring was here already and we’d be able to frollick in the grass and…and…watch a bit of tv. Here’s some links for you.

Ever wondered what Batman looks like fighting with stilettos? Me neither. But someone did, and invited readers to send in their ideas of how they think Batman would look in heels. Some pretty great ideas actually!

Some Lego love for you. This ones about 5 crazy Lego inventions that actually work. And I thought I was crazy.

How seriously cool are these gadgets disguised as everyday objects? Now that’s an oven I’d buy for my mum, just for the look on her face (the shoes which may get thrown would seriously be worth it).

Here’s a silly game, where you ask questions to a Cleverbot and see what answers you get. So far, none of mine make sense.

Those of you (or me) who were 90’s teens will like this one – the differences between things in the 90s and now. Yes, one of those. Enjoy anyways.

Okay I want one of these, now matter how much of a geek I look. Power Ranger hoodies. I have no idea how I find these things sometimes.

Here’s a pretty link to end on – imagine wearing this and running down the street (or in my case staining/ripping/tripping on it)? Just some girly-girl-ness for you : )


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