Twisted Disney Princesses – the dark side of Disney by Jeffrey Thomas

I love seeing fairy-tale characters in a different view, or with a bit of a twist, and illustrator Jeffrey Thomas has done a brilliant job in just this; taking well-known Disney princesses and heroines, and re-drawing them in a darker, wilder and more violent way – and it works! While this isn’t something you want to show to the kids for their bedtime story, barbaric-looking scenes and horror-elements of these appeal to me simply because the concept works so well. I especially love the fact that the women in every single one of these pictures looks very much in control, being villainous-looking hags to watch out for, rather than the lady-like heroine images we’re used to.

I loved this series of pictures by this illustrator so much that I pretty much posted most of the pictures he drew here, just so that you can get a good idea of the use of rich colour, wild-eyed look and very bitey looking teeth.

All images belong to Jeffrey Thomas

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