Weekly Pretty Feathers Links

Busy week this week, researching on the internets and upping my serotonin, i.e. eating ’nuff chocolate and facebooking innit . Enjoy these links in the meantime

Apparently teen-bean sensation Justin Beiber turning 18 a few days ago was not a joyous occaison for all – as these tweets show. I’m not sure if I’m more worried about all these emotional girls having Twitter accounts or the fact that this is our future generations. #Beiberblanketsforallthosetears

Chilli bangle anyone? It can be the new friendship bracelet except…with chillies.

An interesting article on why sisters can be good for your health. Cos, y’know, girls are better than boys and all.

Here’s a cute game for you to play. Oh no, no need to thank me.

Something arty-farty for your – some amazing images which have been delicatedly painted on feathers.

A great advert from way back when – about Lego, of course. Can you believe this toy has been around since the 1930s and still going strong?

Another advert, this times a Simpsons one! Here’s something that was aired a few years ago, showing what The Simpsons would be like as real people.

True story.


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