Weekend R2D2 Garms Links

It’s been an egg-filled week for me (coming in various sizes and flavours) which has kept me busy. Plus my stupit internet is not working consistently, as we’ve had builders around ‘decorating’ my house (i.e. showing their bum crack and hiding from us women in the house) and who have taken up all the floorboards, plug sockets and half the cupboards for us to trip over. We’re suprising my mum and dad while they’re away by doing up the house so that they can see what lovely, helpful daughters we are. Have a look-see at these links while we tread over the floor boards carefully.

Something along the lines of the famous Awkward Family Photos compilations – here’s another blog, the Weird Family Pictures, full of Chewbacca’s relatives and…the Star Trek extras you never knew about (among other things!)

This is just cute.

I came across this brand of stationary products recently which made me chuckle – Waldo Pancakes. Anyone buy anything from here?

The Hunger Games movie has had some good reviews and feedback, although this couple took the concept a bit further…and based their wedding on it (although it still looked very pretty!)

Some seriously imaginative shelves here, talk about taking art to another level.

More geeky clothes for sci-fi fans – this time, an R2D2 skirt! The sci-fi world’s favourite trashcan is being integrated into fashion I assume, after this Etsy seller created an R2D2 apron as well.

Lastly, this one made me laugh simply because it’s so random! Whoever woulda thunk of compliling a list of 25 Most Ironic T-shirts to get arrested in? Well, these lot did, quite clearly!

That’s all for the weekend, have some ice-cream before the sunshine disappears and we’re back to wearing knitwear again :/


An Egg a Day…

…keeps the tourists coming? I dunno, but it’s probably working. Here’s an egg I found around in Covent Garden, London, I LOVE the detail such as the buses and the swirling tower blocks and hot air balloons. One of my favourite ones, this one is, but I’ll be posting more soon!

Writing on the Wall: Murals and Scaffolding

Saw this today while at work, thought it was an interesting mural amidst a busy background of urban cityscape and scaffolding (and lots of tall, business-y buildings). Not sure if there’s gonna be more added to this (let’s hope so!) but it’s made me keep an eye out in the same area to see if there’s any more similar paintings. I just thought it was cute, really!

Would you notice something like this on the wall?

Sunny Spring Mondays

Seeing as we’re finally managing to get more than a few drops of sunshine, I think this would be the best picture to help herald Spring in. I saw these lovely daffodils in an extremely long row of the flowers, which kind of reminded me of those lovely fields of flowers you always see in greener places. Or in films. Also I thought it felt kind of appropriate seeing as it’s nearly Easter too!

Weekend Pretty…Crystal Sheep

This is something from a while back which brings back several memories for myself and a close friend of mine. It’s a Swarovski crystal ornament in the shape of the sheep (doesn’t explain the big ears, but it adds character!), which I gave to my friend on her birthday, and which was nicknamed ‘Baa’ (or ‘Bart’ as misheard by myself’)

So here’s Baa the Sheep, hoping you have a good weekend 🙂

The Colourful Beauty of Markets

I’ve said before how much I love going to local markets and bazaars, and it’s still no different now. I’m always drawn to the sparkly, luxurious and glittering treasures hidden away, and it’s my opinion that there’s always something new and sparkly to catch the eye in almost any unlikely place. Here’s a few gems I’ve discovered over the last few weeks, which covers a span of areas all over London, from markets in Southall, fabric stalls in East London and flea markets in Central London. I’m always on the look out for things like these, and you can be sure that this is just a small proportion of the things which have caught my eye so far. I’d certainly advise you to visit some of these places, and do let me know of any markets, bazaars or even summer fetes which you come across : )

Better Book Titles for Children Stories

I’m pretty sure I would have had much cooler memories of my childhood, if books had been labelled in the way they have been by this blogger, whose mission in life appears to  be cutting though those long-winded blurbs and titles and telling you what a book’s REALLY about. Better Book Titles does just that, re-naming popular and reknowned books to something more apt. And the result is brilliant! Here’s a few examples of the children books that were ‘improved’, and surprisingly have more sinister titles. If they were on the bookshelves today, I’d still buy them. Not sure about everyone else though :/

And my absolute favourite out of these. Not sure if this is a metaphor of society today, or just a really funny way of summing up the book. Either way, it works, right?

All images belong to Better Book Titles

Magic 8 Egg Mondays

So apparently there’s an Easter Egg hunt around London going on, with lots of Faberge-inspired eggs designed by several designers and celebrities.

Here’s the first one I saw, which I loved. It’s now up for sale, some of them at some stonking prices. I’m on a hunt for the other eggs while they’re still on display, it’s like Pokemon, gotta catch em all! Err, maybe not. But I’m definitely going to be posting anymore that I see, and I’ll be encouraging you to look out too! Have you seen any other ones so far?

Weekend Sparkly Lamp-posts Links

Wet weekend this weekend, which is a pity cos I was hoping that spring was here already and we’d be able to frollick in the grass and…and…watch a bit of tv. Here’s some links for you.

Ever wondered what Batman looks like fighting with stilettos? Me neither. But someone did, and invited readers to send in their ideas of how they think Batman would look in heels. Some pretty great ideas actually!

Some Lego love for you. This ones about 5 crazy Lego inventions that actually work. And I thought I was crazy.

How seriously cool are these gadgets disguised as everyday objects? Now that’s an oven I’d buy for my mum, just for the look on her face (the shoes which may get thrown would seriously be worth it).

Here’s a silly game, where you ask questions to a Cleverbot and see what answers you get. So far, none of mine make sense.

Those of you (or me) who were 90’s teens will like this one – the differences between things in the 90s and now. Yes, one of those. Enjoy anyways.

Okay I want one of these, now matter how much of a geek I look. Power Ranger hoodies. I have no idea how I find these things sometimes.

Here’s a pretty link to end on – imagine wearing this and running down the street (or in my case staining/ripping/tripping on it)? Just some girly-girl-ness for you : )