Weekly Power Rangers Links

Hectic weekendings this week, with plenty of babysitting, tidying up and generally just, y’know, Googling stuff. Here’s some links that I found.

It’s been a more interesting week for some – one man proposed to his girlfriend with a dress made from 9,999 real red roses – it would have been a real pity if she had said no, imagine all the jokes that could have been made about thorns being placed in a certain place…

Do you see pictures in dice? No, really, do you? This clever chap has made some interesting images and portraits using only dice. I keep having to look at it to make sure there’s no extra dots being inserted in!

Sick of looking at the same boring mouse mat (I don’t use one cos I’ve moved beyond the old rolling-ball-mouse), but if you DID want something that looks pretty, have a look at these. Advisory note – these may not be so appropriate for small rodents or furry pets.

Remember that Barclays advert where that guy rides a rollacoaster to get to work? Well apparently it’s not a fantasy for everyone after all, there’s some lucky folks out there who have some seriously crazy office spaces to work in – from slides, merry-go-rounds to even an underground office built into a mountain. Yep. Makes Monday mornings feel that much more depressing, doesn’t it?

This just made me laugh. That little kid looks so cute : )

Kids these days. Sesame Street just isn’t the same as how it used to do – as this song titled ‘There’s an App for that‘ shows – you think they were trying to outdo The Muppets?

That’s all for now, I’m off to watch some quality television. Anyone want to watch Power Rangers with me?


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