The Imaginations of a Postage Stamp

Molly Rausch is an artist from New York who creates these beautiful, miniature paintings which are created beyond the borders of a postage stamp. Extending the scenes in the postage stamps using only her paintbrush and her imagination, Molly creates beautiful stories from the potential scenes each postage stamp offers, and adds to their unique-ness, using beautiful colours, incredibly fine detail and flawless lines which allow the stamps to fill in beautifully with the rest of the paintings.

I love the way one writer reviewing her work summed up these lovely pieces:

It’s fun to think how many stories a single postage stamp has, the story of the image printed on it, the story of its physical journey through the postal system, and now a third story told though Rausch’s brush strokes.

All images belong to Molly Rausch

You can contact Molly via her website to request a custom order, or otherwise view her other paintings and projects if you want to buy anything as well.

I’d love to try out something like this (probably wouldn’t manage much more than a few scribbles on the Queen’s face though), and I love how imagination and interpretation really comes into this. There’s a real classic quality to these miniatures, and no doubt we will  be seeing Molly’s work appearing more often in the Art World.

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